“Looking for love in all the wrong places, though knowing well, will still have to face Him, we bury true friend so we could replace Him, with a Jesus we never knew.”

This title is about a very troubled woman or man who heard about the Gospel and responded to a church invitation, but could not on their first exploration, establish any roots, nor leave their past behind to embrace a relationship with Jesus, who they heard about from friends. They begin searching out of curiosity but easily fall back into their failing ways due to human weakness. Although depart and fall back, they begin again, at least in their heart, in search of the Lord and true love they heard about. The name “Jim” is not a specific person, but a fictitious hybrid of Him (Jesus) and the book of James (Jim) in the bible, which is a wisdom book in the New Testament. The struggle is between embracing Jesus wholeheartedly or holding on to our self and old ways, even relationships we hope-think might make Jesus unnecessary.

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