This poem, Dark Under Light, from the chapter “State of the Nation”, was inspired by some time I spent up in Bayville, sitting in my car in the beach parking lot, overlooking the shoreline and waters during dusk time in a misty-light rainy night. I was struggling with a pessimistic mood which which was agreeable with the visibly dark view I had at the time also associated my recently reflecting upon the many years of national-political-moral-cultural battles we have been oppressed with ( i think about a lot)….and some other heavy matters.

The dark scene of the waves and the winds storming the shoreline was all I could “see” until my eyes caught a glimpse and moved upward above the dark scene to see other “heavenly” things which changed my mood to hopeful optimism, believing God, who is Light, showed me He was working behind the scenes as a slice of sun suddenly broke through the dark clouds…”the sun winked”.. and above the dark clouds was a higher layer of light clouds moving over the dark clouds and blowing in the opposite direction.

Dark winds pulling, bullying waters in, the shoreline in dismay.
The dusk even thundering.
Dark mist creating, heaviness setting, a haze of charcoal gray.
The quiet even murmuring.

My peace is disturbed. My strength is unnerved.
For a moment, this is all I can see.

But then, my eyes are lifted up.

Host of light clouds, moving over dark shroud, and going other way.
The sun behind the scene winks.
Host of angels proving heaven’s maneuvering, a wave of bright day.
The light over the gray hints.

My faith is restored! My hope explores!
What a moment, what God has let me see!

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