Biblical Rhymes & Reasons

Proverbs, Poems, Rhymes and Rap - Insights and Puns to Fill the Gap - Magnetic Prophetic with a Snap

Biblical Rhymes & Reasons is a book find for our times, full of energy and passion, to inspire both men and women.  From beginning to end and morning to night, rhythmic and proverbial words take you through a disciple's journey of real encounters with the Savior God, with both seriousness and humor.

Author Stephen Maloney is both vulnerable and prophetic as a man and servant of God.

"Appearing as a dove above stream, inspired words rise from in between, the wings and the water. These are the words I knew and dreamed."

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About the Book

This unique book of rhyme and reason is replete with biblically themed poems and proverbs of various length and complexity, strength and sensitivity, appealing to both men and women of different ages. They include prayerful insights, challenges of discipleship, and prophetic exhortations that touch on our affected human nature and divine callings, connecting to serious life issues and our common need for God.

These inspirational writings are organized into seven chapters categorized by topic to lead you through a journey: morning risers, personal struggles, following Christ, wise things to consider, prophetic challenges, the state of the nation, and the Good News message, including some testimonies. They recall times of earnest searching prayer and real life experiences, some common to all and many very personal encounters of the author, as an individual, in marriage and family, and as a servant of the One Triune God and Savior of the world.


Genres: Christian Living, Inspirational
Tags: biblical reflection, christian inspiration, christian poetry, prayer devotional
Publisher: RWG Publishing
Publication Year: 2020
Length: 218
ASIN: 1794838244
ISBN: 9781794838246
List Price: 16.48
eBook Price: 3.99
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